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Price change FAQs

Mike Litherland -

Q1: What are the price changes?

The prices of the Live a Little, Just Right, Go Big, and Gotta Have It packages are increasing by $5 a month on July 26, 2018. The price of the Todo y Mas package isn’t changing.

Q2: When does the price change take effect?

The $5 per month price increase takes effect July 26, 2018. If you subscribed to DIRECTV NOW before then using a promo offer, your price won’t change until your promotion ends. We’ll let you know about the price increase 25 days before the change.

Q3: What happens if I change my plan after the price change?

If you upgrade or downgrade your package after July 25, 2018, you’ll pay the new price – even if you have a promotion.

Tip: Upgrades are subject to prorated charges for the partial month.

Q4: Why is the price of DIRECTV NOW changing?

   You spoke, we listened. You can now:

  • Enjoy better navigation and search options. 
  • Record your favorite shows and skip through commercials using True Cloud DVRBETA
  • Watch more networks and many local channels across the country. 
  • Stream on more of your favorite devices. 
  • View your available local channels in the cities you visit.

   This is just the beginning of things to come this year, and it’s all inspired by your feedback.

Q5: Will the AT&T video loyalty credit change?

No, the video loyalty credit isn’t affected by the DIRECTV NOW price increase. You’ll keep the credit as long as you have an eligible AT&T unlimited wireless plan.

Q6: Are there changes to the Chairman's Offer (aka Go Big for $35)?

We appreciate you and want to make sure you still get the best streaming value around. We’re keeping your prices significantly lower than other Go Big subscribers. But, starting July 26, 2018, the offer will cost $40 per month.