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How does the DIRECTV NOW device offer work?

Anthony Diaz -

Considering a DIRECTV NOW subscription?

Great news: You can get a streaming player at no additional cost when you sign up for a qualifying prepaid DIRECTV NOW subscription.

Note: Device offers available to new DIRECTV NOW subscribers only.

Sign up for a new 2-month prepaid DIRECTV NOW subscription and we'll pitch in a Roku Premiere at no additional cost.

Yes. You can stream right away from your computer at Or download the DIRECTV NOW app to your mobile device and start watching.

Your streaming player will ship within 2-3 weeks. Look for a shipping confirmation email that will provide an estimated delivery date.

If ordered in a retail store, you should depart the store with device in hand.

For assistance with your tracking number and email, please chat with an agent by selecting the Chat available link at the bottom of this page.

Your first monthly charge will appear after your pre-payment period and the extra free 7-days. You will receive a subscription confirmation email that details your order.

You will not receive a monthly bill. For billing information, sign in to your DIRECTV NOW account, access your User Account profile, and review the Payment History tab.

Pre-payment example for Roku Premiere:

  • First payment will be made on the date of purchase (e.g. March 1st).
  • Your first monthly charge is 2 months after purchase date + 7-day free period (e.g. May 8th).
  • Your DIRECTV NOW subscription will renew monthly to the payment method on file.

Streaming players are included at no cost when you prepay for the service.  There are no refunds or credits on prepaid service.

Note: Defective products should be returned to the manufacturer. If additional assistance is needed, please chat with an agent by selecting the Chat available link at the bottom of this page.