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Error Message: Blackout

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Many blackout scenarios are sports or game related, but regular programming and events are also subject to blackout. If programming is blacked out in your area due to market restriction, you may be able to watch on another channel or on a local broadcast channel, if available in your area.

Note: NFL programs are not available on mobile phones. These programs are available on tablets, computers, and connected TV devices with DIRECTV NOW.

Sports blackouts are controlled by the leagues, associations, and networks that purchase the rights to broadcast individual games. This is also in conjunction with local teams. For example, our agreements with sport leagues and associations restrict us from airing events near where a game is locally broadcast. In other cases, national networks like ESPN and TNT retain exclusive distribution rights to an event.

If a national network has the national rights to broadcast a sports game, DIRECTV NOW customers who live in the home team's area may not be able to watch with their DIRECTV NOW subscription. If a network that DIRECTV NOW carries has national rights to broadcast a game, it will be available on those channels.

Regional Sports Networks do not obtain national broadcast rights for professional sports.

Channel lineups are based on the account holder’s billing address and determined by zip code.

Viewing is based on physical location and broadcast market at the time you're watching.

Programming not distributed locally is subject to a blackout.

Blackout Enforcement Type


Billing Zip Code

Channel availability is based on billing zip code.

Physical Location While Streaming

While watching a local channel or Regional Sports Network (RSN), you cannot travel outside of the permitted territory for the channel.  If this happens, the stream will be interrupted during the next scheduled geo-location check.  Message: Program not available based on current location.

Device Restrictions

NFL games are blocked on smartphones within the customer’s local market area, as well as the national broadcasts of Sunday and Monday Night Football.