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DIRECTV NOW sound and video issues on Apple TV

Anthony Diaz -

If video content doesn't play using the DIRECTV NOW application or there's no sound on your Apple TV, try these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Check your hardware (HDMI) connection.
  2. Close and restart the DIRECTV NOW app.
  3. Restart your Apple TV and check for updates.
  4. Check for DIRECTV NOW app updates.

If these tips do not resolve the issue, try the following:

Troubleshoot your audio devices

  • If using an external sound system, make sure it's properly configured, connected to your TV, and set to the correct input.
  • If using TV speakers, make sure they are properly configured and the volume is set. Try playing other content to determine if sound plays.

Change audio settings

  1. On your Apple TV, select Settings (the gear icon).
  2. Select Audio and Video.
  3. Make sure Audio Out is set to Apple TV.
  4. Make sure that Sound Effects and Music are set to on.
  5. Select Surround Sound.
  6. Make sure that Best Quality Available is selected.

If your Apple TV is connected directly to your TV (instead of an audio/video receiver), some On Demand content may play louder than live channels. To adjust:

  1. On your Apple TV, select Settings (the gear icon).
  2. Select Video and Audio.
  3. Select Surround Sound.
  4. Select Dolby Digital 5.1. This should normalize volume levels between shows and movies while watching DIRECTV NOW.

Clear the DIRECTV NOW app cache and data:

  1. In the left menu, select the Settings section.
  2. Select the Apps menu.
  3. Select the Manage Installed Apps option.
  4. Select the DIRECTV NOW app.
  5. Select Clear Cache.
  6. Select Clear Data.
  7. Select Clear Data from the pop-up menu.
  1. Highlight the DIRECTV NOW app and hold down the Touch surface on the Apple TV remote until the app starts shaking onscreen.
  2. Press the play/pause button and select Delete.
  3. Launch the App Store.
  4. Search for DIRECTV NOW.
  5. Select the DIRECTV NOW app.
  6. Select the Get for Free option.
  7. If needed, enter your Apple ID and password to download the app. 

For additional support with your Apple TV, visit Apple TV Support.