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How do I set up DIRECTV NOW on Amazon Fire smart TV?

Anthony Diaz -


Welcome to the DIRECTV NOW Fire TV streaming experience! Here are some quick tips on how to set up and manage DIRECTV NOW on your TV Amazon Fire TV Edition.

To get started, you'll need:

*See our Amazon Fire TV Edition remote control FAQ.

  1. Turn on your Amazon Fire TV Edition.
  2. Select Settings from the menu.
  3. Select Network. The TV automatically detects nearby networks.
  4. Select your preferred network.
  5. If your preferred network is not displayed:
    • Select Join Other Network.
    • Enter the network password, if needed.
    • A network confirmation message displays.

Fire Smart TVs purchased from the Amazon website should be registered with Amazon when you place your order. When your device is delivered, follow these steps to confirm registration:

  1. Select Settings from the Fire TV Edition menu.
  2. Go to My Account.
  3. If device is registered:
    • Deregister option appears.
  4. If device is unregistered
    • Register option appears.
  5. Select Register, if applicable.

Install the DIRECTV NOW app on Amazon Fire device

  1. Go to Fire TV Edition menu.
  2. Select Apps.*
  3. Select the DIRECTV NOW app.
  4. Select the Get button.
  5. The DIRECTV NOW app will download and install on your device.
  6. Select Open to launch the app.

*Note: You can either browse apps or search by title:

  • Select Search from the menu to enter a text search. Or, if applicable:
  • Press the Voice button on your Amazon TV remote to search by voice.

Once the DIRECTV NOW app has been installed on your Fire TV Edition, you can start streaming DIRECTV NOW any time. Just:

  1. Turn on your Fire TV Edition.
  2. Press the remote control’s Home button.
  3. Scroll down (if needed) to DIRECTV NOW.
  4. Press the remote’s Select button.
  5. Enjoy streaming entertainment!

For more detailed Amazon Fire TV Edition setup instructions, see Amazon Device Support.