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Apple TV remote control navigation for DIRECTV NOW

Anthony Diaz -

Welcome to the DIRECTV NOW Apple TV streaming experience! Here are some quick tips on how to navigate the DIRECTV NOW application on your Apple TV.

Use your Siri remote control to complete Apple TV (4th generation) streaming setup. Use the Home or Menu buttons to navigate to the Home or Menu screens. Navigate up, down, left, and right using the glass touch surface. Press Play/Pause to start or stop content. Turn sound up and down using the Volume button. Use the Siri button to activate voice controls:


  • While in the Top Menu, swipe up using the glass touch surface to access the DIRECTV NOW Main Menu.
  • While in the Main Menu, swipe down using the glass touch surface to access the DIRECTV NOW Top Menu.

In the DIRECTV NOW Top Menu, you will have access to Search, Guide, Watchlist, and Settings.

  • Search: Search for content available in DIRECTV Now.
  • Guide: Choose live content options from the TV Channel Guide.
  • Watchlist: Populate this list with your favorite shows and movies.
  • Settings: Set up or update your Account, Preferences, and About information, or Sign Out. 

In the main menu, you will have access to the Home screen. Home screen features include overviews of popular live TV shows, movies, and networks:

  • Movies: View On Demand Movies based on what’s included with your subscription.
  • Shows: View On Demand TV shows based on what’s included with your subscription.
  • Networks: Choose the network of your choice to show all content belonging to the selected  network.

To learn More about the Apple TV remote, please visit Apple support.