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Roku remote control navigation for DIRECTV NOW

Anthony Diaz -

Welcome to the DIRECTV NOW Roku streaming experience! Here are some quick navigation tips for DIRECTV NOW on your Roku. 


Whether you are using the remote included with your Roku player or using a mobile device as a remote, the interface performs the same basic functions:


Use your Roku remote or Roku mobile app to complete streaming setup, which will bring you to the Roku Home screen. If for some reason setup does not bring you directly to the Home screen, you can press the Home button on your remote:


From the Home menu, you will have access to My Feed, Search, Streaming Channels, and Settings.


In the Top Menu, you will have access to Search, Guide, Watchlist, and Settings. Press the top navigation arrow on your Roku remote to access this tier of options, then press the left or right arrows to navigate through them.

  • Search: Search for content available in DIRECTV NOW.
  • Guide: Scan a live TV Channel Guide.
  • Watchlist: Populate this list with your favorite DIRECTV NOW shows.
  • Settings: Review Account information.

In the main menu, you will have access to Home, Shows, Movies, Networks, Guide, and Search.


  • Home: Scroll through an overview of popular Live TV shows, movies.
  • Movies: Check out On Demand Movies included with your subscription.
  • Shows: Explore On Demand TV shows included with your subscription.
  • Networks: Choose a network to view what’s playing now.

The Roku remote control arrow keys provide navigation shortcuts for DIRECTV NOW:

  1. Press the top navigation arrow to view the DIRECTV NOW Top Menu (Search, Guide, Watchlist and Settings.)
  2. Press the bottom navigation arrow to view the DIRECTV NOW Main Menu (Home, Shows, Movies and networks.)
  3. Press the left or right navigation arrow to surf channels.

For additional information about Roku Streaming Stick, see Roku Support.

To activate your closed captions start by clicking OK on your Roku remote to launch your player controls bar.