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How do I set up DIRECTV NOW with a Roku device?

Anthony Diaz -

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Welcome to the DIRECTV NOW Roku streaming experience! Before adding DIRECTV NOW on your streaming Roku device (or player), you’ll need:

  • A Wi-Fi connection
  • A DIRECTV NOW account
  • A compatible Roku TV, or compatible Roku player and an HD / Ultra HDTV with an HDMI port (see compatible Roku TVs and players, below)
  • A Roku remote or Roku mobile app
  • A Roku account (which is separate from DIRECTV NOW account)

For the best DIRECTV NOW experience, we recommend the following Roku devices:

  • 4K Roku TV (models: 7000X)
  • Roku non-4K TV (models: 8000X)
  • Roku Streaming Stick (models: 3600X, 3800RT, 3800RW, 3800X)
  • Roku Streaming Stick+ (models: 3810RW, 3810X)
  • Roku 4 (model: 4400)
  • Premiere (model: 4620)
  • Premiere+ (model: 4630)
  • Ultra (models: 4640X, 4660RW, 4660X)
  • Roku Express (models: 3900RW, 3900X)
  • Roku Express+ (models: 3910RW, 3910X)
  • Roku non-4K TV (models: 5000X) 
  • Roku 2 & 3 (models: 4210, 4200 & 4230)
  • Roku 4K TV (model: 6000)
  • Roku Express (model: 3700)
  • Roku Express+ (model: 3710)

Note: For step-by-step setup instructions for your device, see Roku streaming player, Roku streaming stick, or Roku TV .

Get DIRECTV NOW for your Roku streaming device

Once you have the right equipment, add DIRECTV NOW to your channels.

  1. Press Home on your remote.
  2. Scroll and select Streaming Channels.
  3. Enter "DIRECTV NOW" in the search box, or scroll through the channels to DIRECTV NOW.
  4. Select Buy to purchase and install DIRECTV NOW on your Roku.
  5. If required, enter your Roku PIN.

DIRECTV NOW will install on your Roku.

To enable closed captions for Roku, select OK on your Roku remote to launch your player controls bar.