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How do I watch live TV on DIRECTV NOW?

Anthony Diaz -

Ready to enjoy live TV on DIRECTV NOW? Here's how to explore what to watch:

The Home screen displays featured live TV channels in alphabetical order. To view these:

  1. From the Home screen, the video player occupies the center of the screen.
  2. Use the right and left arrows to change channels.
  3. Select the live channel you want to watch.
  4. Press the restart button to see a show in progress from the beginning.

Note: If you close the browser, the video player always resumes the show you were watching when you come back.

The What's On Now carousel also displays featured TV channels in alphabetical order, with title and time information at a glance:

  1. Go to the Home screen.
  2. Below the video player is the What’s On Now.
  3. Scroll right or left to view the carousel live TV options.
  4. Select any show of interest.
  5. Your selected program opens in the video player.

The Guide offers the widest selection of live DIRECTV NOW channels.

  1. Select Guide which below the video player.
  2. Scroll through the Guide to see the live channels currently airing and make your selection.
  3. Use the top right arrows to learn about past, current, and up to 14 days of future programming.
  4. Add any channel to your Favorites list by selecting the heart icon.
  5. To review your favorites, use the All Channels drop-down menu and select Favorite Channels.
  6. The Guide displays a horizontal blue line indicating how much of a show has elapsed so far.
  7. Select a past or live show that interests you.
  8. Your selected program opens in the player.